About Us

We are a family-owned and operated NYS corporation, that was started by Dan Tait in 1955.

When it was started, we were predominantly involved in the sale of home furnishings, renovations and retrofits, new construction and creamery maintenance and service.

Rich Tait grew up in an atmosphere of learn-to-do-it-all phases of service and construction, dating back to commercial refrigeration, conveyors, and plant systems at Daitch Dairies.

Since 1982, we have constructed commercial buildings, residential housing for seniors, condominiums, banks, small and large-scale residential homes, restaurants and state facility cafeterias, as well as additions, renovations, historic restorations, and any building need a client may have. We have ultimately come full-circle to designing and building our own projects, with an eye towards budget, construction, and full-time management.

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